BVBA Advocatenkantoor Desdalex started up on January 1, 1996 and moved to America House on the Amerikalei in Antwerp exactly six years later. From there, we have expanded into a firm with a team of seventeen lawyers, and seven support and administrative employees.

November 2015, Claudia Van de Velde joined Tom Dael, Kris Luyckx and Tom Hermans as a brand new partner expanding the family law section with three additional experts in private and family law. This has been a strong improvement for our company.

With over 35.000 cases handled over the past year, Desdalex gained an extensive expertise in a wide range of branches.

Our Philosophy

Lawyers defend the legal interests of their clients – that is obvious. Article 444 of the Belgian Judicial Code states that they do so freely and, of course, to defend the law and the truth. We try to propose the best possible solution to every legal problem. We do this by means of advice, discussions with third parties or legal advisers and – if necessary – by conducting proceedings.

High quality is our strong point

Desdalex considers it a matter of honour to offer high-quality legal services to every client,  a business or a private individual. We make it a priority to offer these high quality at an affordable price as well. We always emphasise smooth communication and correct information.

Furthermore, we attach great importance to professional secrecy – any information you entrust to us will only be used to defend your interests. An important aspect in this regard is that correspondence between lawyers is in principle confidential.

Always moving

Given that the law and the case law constantly evolve, our firm does not stand still either. Desdalex therefore pays the necessary attention to continuing study and training.

Our mission

A case that is closed with a satisfied client.