Liability and insurance law

Liability and insurance law

No one wants to have to deal with accidents or damage claims. But these often happen.

Then the question arises against whom you can make a claim for the damage and the compensation or redress you can expect. If a claim is made against you for damages, then the question arises whether this is justified.

Liability law deals with such questions. In addition to certain provisions in the Civil Code, this area is mainly the subject of various standards that are interpreted and applied by the courts.

Damage or liability is in many instances guaranteed under an insurance contract, which explains the umbrella term ‘liability and insurance law’. We handle liability cases for victims of damage, persons who are held liable and insurers. In other words: we deal with complex subject matter from various angles, which means that we can make a difference for you.

Liability law and insurance law in particular involve:


Damage has to be remedied – no one disputes this. The main thing is to find out who is legally liable for damage that has been incurred – so the right person has to pick up the bill.

We will be pleased to help you if:

  • you have suffered damage which you can attribute to another party
  • you want compensation or redress for your damage
  • another party believes that you are liable for its damage
  • your child has caused damage or your child is the victim of damage
Traffic law

Every day sees large and small traffic accidents. This often leads to pointing the finger and accusations.

As specialists in traffic law, we are pleased to assist you if:

  • you have been involved in a traffic accident and you have questions
  • you have received a payment proposal from the public prosecutor’s office
  • you have been summoned to appear before the police court
  • you are the victim of a traffic accident and you want compensation for damage
  • you have questions about the compensation being offered by an insurer
Insurance law

It is always wise to take out insurance against accidents and damage. Unfortunately, insurance policies are not equally manageable or transparent for everyone, so we will be pleased to guide you through the small print.

We can offer advice if:

  • you are unsure whether you are insured against the damage you have incurred
  • you are unsure whether you can make a claim against an insurer or a fund for compensation of your damage
  • you want to negotiate with the insurer of a third party
  • you receive a demand from an insurer or you have been served a writ of summons
Trouble with neighbours

Unfortunately, neighbours are not always good friends. What is more, in some situations, disputes and nuisance result in conflicts with neighbours.

We will be pleased to advise you if:

  • you have problems with your neighbours
  • you are experiencing problems due to public works or construction in your vicinity
  • a neighbour or their insurer makes a claim or demand against you