Immovable property

Immovable property

The branch of law relating to immovable property encompasses various domains, ranging from rental disputes and construction disputes to planning permits and spatial planning. For the uninitiated, the world of immovable property is often a tangle of small print and complicated clauses, which means that many people cannot make head or tail of this. We will be pleased to help with the necessary advice.

Would you like to discuss one of the following aspects with us? Then don’t hesitate to contact us – we specialise in the following (and related) subjects:

Letting and commercial leases

Rent legislation, and in particular commercial rent legislation, is a complex matter. It involves highly specific subject matter with numerous statutory provisions and time limits. We will be pleased to assist both tenants and landlords as regards compliance with rent legislation relating to varied disputes and proceedings, including:

  • rental arrears
  • lease termination
  • release of rental deposit
  • defects in the leased property
  • commercial lease renewal

As a specialist in the various aspects of rent legislation, we are also pleased to offer professional advice and assistance in relation to:

  • drawing up a commercial lease contract
  • commercial lease renewal
  • rent reviews
  • questions regarding current lease agreements
  • termination possibilities
Real estate

The purchase and sale of a dwelling or any other immovable property are highly complex matters. These sometimes lead to arguments and disputes, where we will of course be pleased to intervene as an experienced law firm. We offer professional assistance:

  • on behalf of or against a real estate agent
  • on behalf of or against the manager of an apartment building
  • against a co-owner
  • on behalf of or against a property developer
  • against the owner or user of a neighbouring parcel (including issues with easements) or immovable property

We will also be pleased to provide advice and assistance when drawing up:

  • brokerage contracts
  • purchase and sale agreements
  • agreements relating to easements
  • articles of association and in-house rules
Law of construction contracts – Construction law

Several parties are often involved when erecting or renovating a dwelling or another immovable property. This sometimes leads to arguments and disagreements, which of course does not help anyone. We offer professional assistance:

  • on behalf of or against the architect
  • on behalf of or against the (sub)contractor(s)
  • on behalf of or against the client/future owner
  • on behalf of or against the owner/user of surrounding immovable properties who incur damage because of on-going construction work

Desdalex emphasises the necessary expertise as regards drawing up agreements. We offer professional advice and assistance when drawing up:

  • (sub-)contracting agreements
  • architect agreements
Urban planning and spatial planning

Have you applied for a planning permit and was this refused? Or has another party obtained a permit with which you do not entirely agree? Then we will of course be pleased to help. We provide advice and support with all kinds of procedures with the municipality, the city, the Permanent Deputation of the Province and the Council for Permit Disputes.

We will of course also be pleased to help you to prevent disputes. Call on our professional assistance for all administrative procedures in relation to planning applications or disputes.